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Barbara Bolin is an outstanding consultant, presenter, and trainer who gets results because of her extraordinary ability to connect with people and to communicate ideas based on her extensive knowledge and firsthand experiences. She is nationally recognized as an expert on the WorkKeys assessment system, the Career Readiness Certificate, skills development, and workforce development systems. Barbara brings her private sector work experience and many years of teaching at all levels to the training room, and her expertise and lively personality make the learning environment pleasant and successful.

Bolin Enterprises clients include:

Michigan Crossroads Council (Boy Scouts of America)
Michigan STEM Partnership
Cengage Learning, Inc
McGraw-Hill, Inc.
Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce, IN
University of North Florida, Division of Continuing Education
State of Georgia
State of Missouri
State of Arkansas
State of Alabama
Central Tennessee Workforce Development Board
Midwestern Higher Education Compact
ACT, Inc.
Magnesium Products, Inc.
MI-WIN, Inc.
Workforce Florida, Inc.
San Juan Community College, NM
McHenry County Community College, IL
North Carolina Community College System

Barbara Bolin is nationally recognized as the person responsible for the development of the Career Readiness Certificate, a portable skills credential that is currently being deployed in 50states and territories and is a topic of discussion in several more. Barbara is the founder/president of the National Organization for Career Credentialing.

WIN, Inc. awarded Barbara the 2006 Crystal Globe Award for her outstanding national work on the CRC.

Barbara has lived in three countries, and in three states in the United States. She has worked as an educator at all levels. She has worked in the private sector and is an appointee of three state governors. She has worked with federal policy makers to help shape the national perspective on economic development, education, and career development.

Barbara Bolin has repeatedly demonstrated her ability to inform and advise groups of all sizes: from executives in boardrooms, to employees in training rooms, large community groups, and to many hundreds of professionals at national conferences.

Perhaps it’s her natural teaching talent; perhaps it’s her personality and lively sense of humor; perhaps it’s her ability to use the language precisely to convey her message quickly and unambiguously.

Whatever it is, it works!

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